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Can Homeopathy Help Me?

Homeopathy can be effective for many conditions. It is suitable for all ages, and can be used safely alongside conventional medicines. I have seen people in my clinical practice over the past few years with a range of conditions (diagnosed by their doctor), including:

• Acne

• Allergies, e.g. hay fever

• Asthma

• Children's Ailments

• Colds, Coughs

• Depression

• Eczema

• Emotional Crises, e.g. bereavement

• Digestive Problems

• Menopause

• Migraine

• Muscle/Joint Pain

• Period Pain & PMS

• Sleep Problems

• Stomach Upsets

• Stress/Anxiety

Homeopathy can also help if you're just feeling “out of sorts”, as the remedies will often boost your vitality and sense of wellbeing.

Detailed research evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy is available at: 

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